Terms and Conditions

I do not have any allergies towards animals, including the animals featured in this session.

I can attend the date and time of the session I am booking.

I understand that there are risks inherent to participating in the session, including but not limited to, injury and physical harm to myself or others.

I am aware that photographs/videography may be taken throughout the class.

I am aware to take appropriate care when holding and playing with Pawga’s puppies/kittens.

I am aware that Pawga has the right to remove and ban any persons exhibiting violent or inappropriate behavior towards any animals or people, as well as the right to remove any persons disrupting the session.

I am aware of the refund policy.

I am aware to respect other participants by keeping a lowered voice if I need to speak to someone during yoga class.

I am aware to arrive only at most 5 minutes early for my class.

I confirm all details above are correct and I agree to the above

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