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Frequently Asked Question!

Pawga is a one a kind wellness experience where we practice beginners yoga as shelter pets run around us freely. Check out our about page to know more.

Our sessions are usually 60 mins long. You’ll be practicing beginners yoga for 45 mins and playing with puppies the rest of the time. You can come 15 mins early and also stay back by 15 mins to get more cuddle time with the puppies.

Not at all. Pawga is for everyone as we practice beginners yoga and there is no pressure to follow the practice during your session as well. We encourage you to go with the flow at the session whether you practice yoga or choose to only play with the puppies. In the end, we assure 100% relaxation!

Refunds and cancellations are possible only 3 days before the day of the event. Unfortunately, we would not be able to refund you anytime after that. DM us on Instagram handle @pawga_ if you’d like a refund.

Absolutely yes! One of our co-founders was afraid of dogs as well!

Pawga doesn’t have any age limit or any restrictions. But anyone above the age of 7 would be ideal because they’d handle puppies with more care. 

Don’t worry about that. We make sure to clean your mat as soon as any such incident occurs.  We also have spare mats if you’d like to change your mat but we clean and sanitize in no time.

We’re afraid you wouldn’t be able to do so. Pawga is strictly done to help shelter animals get adopted. So, we’d like to retain the focus on shelter puppies and give them a chance at finding a forever home. 

We follow all safety precautions and always have limited participants per session. All sanitary precautions are taken as well. The mats at Pawga are usually sanitized and deep cleaned with organic formulas which are skin-friendly for the pets and you.

The puppies are dewormed and isolated for ten days before the session to avoid any tics or infections. However, if you do have a pet at home, we recommend you to take a bath before coming into contact with your pet.


We encourage anyone who shares the same passion for helping animals to apply to be a volunteer at Pawga, You can apply by filling out the form here

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