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We are India's first Experiential Adoption Drive

It was December of 2020. Three women, undergrad friends, had a crazy plan that would change the course of pet adoption in India.

On that fine day in Chennai, they pulled different people from different walks of life, under one roof. Puppies from the Blue Cross of India were running around as the 12 people who attended Pawga’s very first session practiced India’s first puppy yoga.

The experience was so life changing for both the puppies and the humans and the rest is history…

Team Pawga

Puppy Yoga

At Pawga we practice beginner friendly yoga as the puppies and kittens from animal shelters run around us. All the puppies at Pawga are up for adoption even though there is no compulsion to adopt from the session. A portion of the ticket proceeds go towards the welfare of animals at the shelter.

Other Activities

Soon as Pawga grew across cities in India, Pawga started having more experiences around Painting, Pottery, Music, and so on to infuse the puppy goodness in other forms of wellness.

How is Pawga helping animals and humans?

Pawga is the work of intense labor and research. We took two years to research the concept of puppy yoga and its application with shelter pets in India. As this was the first time something of this sort was done in India we were scrupulous with our research and made ourselves test subjects.

Spending time with puppies helps improve the moods of people aiding as a stress relief. It acts as therapy and helps with emotional release. In the same way, the puppies at the shelter, who hardly get the individual love and attention from humans, also show a significant improvement in their sociability after a Pawga session. This, in a way, reinstates faith in humans for our furry friends.

Pets help us with our mental wellbeing

Pets can help reduce anxiety and stress in humans

Pawga helps shelter pets get adopted

Pawga helps raise funds for the shelters

Pup-Safety + Wellness at Pawga

Animal Welfare and Fair Treatment of our Pets is our #1 Priority

At the core of Pawga lies the safety of the puppies and kittens, whose lives we promise to make better every day. 



While we have nothing against breed dogs, at Pawga we want to throw the spotlight on shelter indie pets. Through our activities we support adoption of indie rescue pets.


All our activities are hand picked and curated to be pet safe. The yoga is closer to meditation poses (lying down / stretching). Our painting sessions use pet friendly paint. It is more of an opportunity for pups to jump all over people and socialize with some “hooomans”.


Our cleaning process is meticulous. This includes using parvo-virucide and using sanitized mats at the yoga session.

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