CJB- Sep 24th – 11:00AM to 12:00PM- Puppy Yoga @ Humane Animal Society (HAS)


Location: Humane Animal Society, Seeranaickenpalayam
Date: 24th September


Welcome to India’s first pet yoga experience!

We are so happy you chose to stand for the shelter pets with us.

What happens at Pawga?

You practice beginner-friendly yoga as the puppies from the shelter run around you. We don’t lift the puppies or do yoga with them but rather find the sweet spot of comfort for them and you through our sessions.

How is Pawga helping me?

By spending time with our four-legged friends, you would be able to leave your anxieties and stress by the end of the session, hitting a hard refresh for the week ahead. 

This is also a wonderful way to introduce yourself to yoga in a non-intimidating fashion.

Get ready for a happy high as the puppies run towards you!

How am I helping animals through Pawga?

The puppies at Pawga are from HAS in Coimbatore. Through Pawga, they get loving arms to sleep within and socialize with humans, which helps curb any early signs of depression in them.

Moreover, this gives them an opportunity to find their forever homes. Even if not, a portion of your tickets goes towards animal welfare at the shelter.

Book your tickets below for Pawga in Coimbatore on September 24th at the Humane Animal Society 

Note: This is a beginner’s yoga session, so you don’t have to worry about knowing yoga. Everyone of all age groups is welcome at the Pawga session. 

Also note: The below price is exclusive of taxes. Please bear with us as we figure out WordPress.

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At Pawga, we practice beginner’s yoga as puppies run around you freely. All the puppies you see at Pawga Coimbatore are from the Humane Animal Society (HAS) and a portion of your ticket proceedings goes towards the welfare of animals at the shelter.

By buying a ticket for Pawga, you are taking part in a new experience and changing the future of adoption.

Thank you for being you!


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