Hyderabad – May 25th – Art w. Puppies at Zero40 Brewing

Art with Puppies Hyderabad Pawga

Event Date:

May 25, 2024

Event Time:

4:00 pm

Event Location:

Zero40 Brewing, Anvaya Conventions Rd, Financial District, Gowlidoddy, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

We are so glad that you stand by Pawga to support animal welfare!

What is Pawga, anyway?

Pawga was started in 2020 to help shelter pets socialise, find a forever home and also raise funds for the shelter. We pioneered puppy yoga in India and slowly introduced other experiences to help more people from different walks of life to interact and experience the joy of shelter puppies.

What happens at Art with Puppies/Dogs at Pawga?

At Pawga’s Paint/Art with Puppies we don’t just learn to draw and paint. In fact, you would be given all the art supply from us and would be asked to paint based on mindful prompts designed specially for the event.

These prompts help to unearth your inner most feelings and thoughts to the surface of your canvas. Also, the best part is that the puppies/dogs from the shelters running around you would help break the ice.

But, why on earth should I join Pawga?

Ummm, because we’re cool. Kiddding!!! (not really).

All the puppies or older dogs you see at Pawga are from your local animal shelter. They are all up for adoption and the best part is that a portion of the tickets go towards the welfare of animals at the shelter. In Hyderabad we work with People for Animals Hyderabad and Secunderabad Chapter (PFA)

Why does any of this matter amidst all my existential crisis and joys?

Because sometimes you shouldn’t worry too much with ‘because’.

Because at some level you know you need to contribute to your wellness and really take care of yourself. Art therapy at it’s simplest form with puppies might be a small way to help yourself.

Because these puppies/dogs don’t get the affection they need and even if you can’t exactly know with their wagging tails, you meeting them could be the best day in their life.

If you are convinced, try it out – join us in Hyderabad and see for yourself.

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By: Hyderabad

  • Zero40 Brewing, Anvaya Conventions Rd, Financial District, Gowlidoddy, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032
  • Hyderabad

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  • May 25, 2024 4:00 pm   -   5:30 pm
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